Hi, my name is Sune Nielsen (Mr) and I come from Denmark. Welcome to my website about Christmas hearts. This website is launched in connection with the publishing of my book ‘Hjerter til jul’ (in English ‘Hearts for Christmas’).

Christmas hearts is a unique Danish papercut tradition invented by the well-know Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen around 150 years ago. Basically, a Christmas heart consists of two pieces of folded glossy paper of different colours which are cut in a certain way and then woven together so that they form the shape of a heart. There are boundless numbers of possibilities for designs of these hearts, and I think that is part of what fascinates me about making them.

In the menu PATTERNS you will find five examples of Christmas hearts from my book that you may use for free. In addition to these appetizers, there are also five patterns which you can only find at this site.  All motives for the hearts in my book derive from themes in Christmas songs and carols. The additional five patterns are a random selection of my Christmas hearts.

The book is published by the Danish publishing house Olivia and in the menu THE BOOK, you can find details about how to order the book. It is possible to order and have the book delivered outside Denmark. In LINKS you will find some interesting links and in CONTACT you can see how to contact me if you have comments or need further information.